Country Rural Living The Laid Back Way

Have you thought about country rural living? Are you stressed out, and tired of the day to day rat race of city living? Is there a part of you that at times loves city and urban life? Is the other part of you longing to be able to open your door and view a sunrise or sunset?

Did you know you aren't alone with people moving to the country. More and more people are opting to live a rural life. This website is your ultimate guide in understanding all the different aspects of moving from the hustle and bustle of a fast pace life, to a more tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Making The Move - City  To Country Rural Living

Here are just some topics that you will gain insights on.

  • Insights and information on what to expect before, during, and after the move
  • Land loans
  • Barn designs
  • Houses
  • Mistakes and myths
  • Reality and tips of rural
  • Taxes
  • Power Sources
  • Self Sustain
  • The country real estate agent

Different Lifestyles - City To Country

Learn some valuable tips on what to expect before, during, and after your move. Learn some valuable tips on what to expect before, during, and after your move.  Understand that there is a big difference between the fast pace of urban day to day, and rural living.This site will give you some common mistake about country living.

Getting The Rural Land You Want

  • You will get advice from the country real estate agent. I have lived all my life on country soil.

  • You will receive credible information that will help make your transition go smoothly.

  • There is a difference in the tax structure.

  • You will see and find out options of log cabins, country homes, horse barns, and even house barns. Talk about different unique designs.

  • There will be reality tips on farming, ranching, and having livestock. Did you know you can live out in the country, and not do farming. Find out how.

  • There are still fences, mowing, taxes, insurance and other factors to consider. These are both work and cost factors that need to be included in your overall budget and plan for rural living.

Becoming Naturally Independent

Many country people living in the country have had to look for alternative power sources.  This means living off the grid using solar, wind, geothermal or even wood as a heating and energy source.

Growing your own food. Having a self-sustaining garden is on of the most satisfying experiences. Self sustaining gardens not only benefit you and your families health, you cut cost on groceries. Consider having livestock, poultry, and a fish pond. Great sources for you to maintain a happy and healthy life.

This website will also provide you with practical information on how to survive and thrive in the rural environment. Just follow the advice and information provided and before long you will wonder why you didn't move out of the city years ago. Let's get started on making the right move to change your urban routine into a reality.  A natural and fulfilling lifestyle! 

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