Rural Living:
A Decision of Country

More and more people are moving to the country to enjoy the benefits of rural living. While there is a lot to be said about the peace and quiet, open spaces, and back to the land lifestyle it can be a challenge as well. Getting some tried and true advice from someone that has lived the life can certainly help you avoid some of the common mistakes.

Moving from the city to the country is an exciting time. It all starts with getting tired of the rat race and the constant noise, pollution and traffic. Living the country life seems like a dream come true and it most certainly is once you learn the basics of rural living.

This website is going to cover virtually everything you need to know from how to get hard money land loans to what to look for in barn designs. We will also cover issues like building log cabin houses, which is really a great way to go for the true country lifestyle.

Different Lifestyles

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they move from the city to the country is to try to keep their old lifestyle. In other words you have to expect there will be some differences.

One of the big differences for most people in switching from urban to rural living is the driving or distance factor. Everything is much farther away when you live in the country. There isn't a convenience store on the corner or a bank just a few blocks away. Planning ahead and having supplies on hand is going to be a major lifestyle change.

Getting The Land You Want

Not everyone that moves to the country wants to be a farmer or rancher. Some people may want a horse or two or perhaps a flock of chickens. Others may want more in the way of livestock. While having livestock is a fantastic idea, it is a lot of work that is never ending.

The more land you have the more work you have, even if you are going to rent it out for pasture or rent it for someone else to work. There are still fences, mowing, taxes, insurance and other factors to consider. These are both work and cost factors that need to be included in your overall budget and plan for rural living.

Becoming Independent

Issues like power can become a factor in specific rural areas. Lots of people that turn to living in the country do so because they can use alternative power sources. This means living off the grid using solar, wind, geothermal or even wood as a heating and energy source.

Of course you can also become independent in growing your own food. This can extend from livestock and poultry to stocking your own fishing pond. Most people also become very good gardeners, significantly cutting down on their grocery bills while living the organic lifestyle.

Doing It Right

As a person that grew up on a ranch I have experience in helping people plan for the transition from city to rural living. I am going to show you various issues that you need to consider as you start to plan your move.

This website will also provide you with practical information on how to survive and thrive in the rural environment. Just follow the advice and information provided and before long you will wonder why you didn't move out of the city years ago.

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